Creating a website is a demanding task that requires much time, effort, and additional expenses. The beginners often find the process difficult, especially when talking about choosing the appropriate web hosting. This feature is obligatory, as this service locates your website on the Web, and makes it accessible for your customers. Thus, it is better to be well-informed to make the right choice. eWeb India is your best advisor on this topic: we are the team of experts constantly searching and reviewing all the most popular hosting providers here in India and around the world as well. Let’s get acquainted!

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Getting more informed about the topic, you will learn that there are myriads of web hosting companies that offer very similar services. So it might be a little challenging not to forget what you are searching for and what exactly suits your requirements better. This is where you can consult with our India guide – that makes it much easier.

Check our main menu above: it is designed specifically to make your search quick and easy. We have specific categories for each type of hosting where we write about their main features, explain for which websites they are suitable, and, of course, advise the best offers on the market with a detailed review of each company. If you need something very basic and inexpensive – we will list all the best-shared solutions for you. If you want to upgrade your site – VPS hostings are here for you as well.

We also have the sections that are sorted out by the most popular hosting features. For example, you can be interested in the packages which work best with cPanel, or the most convenient plan for a portfolio website. We all have is sorted for you.

Our team believes that eWeb will ease the burden of searching the best hosting company: we do a lot for you to receive the most detailed research, so all you need to do is to choose what fits you best!

Why eWeb?

Our experts monitor and compare the offers of hosting services daily. We have been on the market for already more than a decade, and this time has definitely taught us what to do. We test each company ourselves to make sure that our visitors get the best service possible: read the passage below to learn how exactly we do that.

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We know that millions rely on our service, so we do all our reviews with the most careful responsibility. The main goal of our test is to determine whether Indian hosting companies indeed provide their clients with what they promise. The best way to check this is to do detailed research on each of the aspects the provider offers.


For example, most providers promise 99.99% uptime. But is this number accurate? It plays a crucial role because even the slightest difference will result in hours of downtime a year.

Here is a simplified algorithm of our usual checks.

  1. Reviewing the feedback of the customers to identify the service we will check
  2. Creating new websites for a test
  3. Signing up for at least one or two different packages the company offers
  4. Measuring uptime, load speed, and other nuances with technical tools
  5. Writing reviews to publish the results

Of course, technical analysis is great, but it cannot check the whole plan as there are some aspects that need manual involvement. Thus, our team members and support, check the availability of control panels and website builders and measure bandwidth themselves. This helps us to create an objective review.

Of course, the quality of the service can change: some services improve their work, while others only make it worse. That’s why we never post outdated information about the providers.

We work for more than ten years in the sphere, so we are quite experienced in checking the work of hosting companies. This project became possible to maintain only because of our brilliant professionals about whom we will talk below.

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eWeb consists of five professionals of different specialties. We share a lot of projects together, but eWeb is the one that warms our hearts, especially. We work with hosting services, so once upon a time, we decided to share our knowledge with many people all around the globe. We would need to test the providers for other projects in any case, so why don’t we help the others with the choice?

Our top-5 web hosting providers are those that we actually use ourselves. We appreciate our reputation very much, so we don’t do good reviews just because of money. Relying on our service, keep calm: the companies we recommend are indeed the best of what the market has to offer. We are very happy to promote the organizations which indeed do their job perfectly.


eWeb is an independent non-profitable project, dedicated to reviewing and rating the best website hosts in India and around the globe. The information on our website includes not only reviews and ratings, but informational materials as well. Our content is universal for any kind of user: whether you are a newbie or a professional developer, eWeb has a lot to offer to you.